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Fashion is so much more than cars, clothing, and jewelry. Playing a greater role than people realize, especially in what we elect to drink. It’s not surprising that fashion and wine might go hand and hand, but more recently, it seems the two are a match made in heaven.


Regardless of the method use to make Sparkling wine, todays wineries are using more than Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Drinking bubbly is an experience that is unparalleled, a true pleasure of all senses. However, with bits of edible genuine 24 carat gold flakes, its utterly decadent. The mere idea of adding a touch of bling to any party or celebratory scenario is sexy luxury on your lips.


Bleu de Chavin, truly extraordinary and unique, is a Caribbean blue destination that accentuates the profound taste of luxury in a sexy bottle. The style and flavor of this wine gives a distinctive character setting it aside from other sparkling wines offering a gentler perfume and tender flavor. As a delicate sparkling wine reserved for memorable celebrations, it offers seductive flavors and fresh aromatic effervescence with vividly pastel blueberries presented in an impressively alluring bottle bellying a tasteful flair.


A refreshing change of pace from “ordinary” the Champagne Baking Bratbirne Pear presents itself as a fine bubbled, long-lasting, intense, unexpectedly delicate pleasure. The aroma infatuates with notes of ripe pears that encourages the subtle creation of thirst and curiosity. A historical book from 1760 documents that these sparkling wines have been produced from trees up to 150 years old, about 50 years before sparkling wines from grapes were produced in Germany.


Image Wine Cellars, as the only importer of these exclusive sparkling wines, proudly presents the “New Face of Celebration”. The nature of the company is to provide a lifestyle of luxury, catalyzed by promoting a new wine type in the USA and abroad. A distinctive character that will connect high-end entities and their respective clients creating the “ESE Experience” (Embrace-Smile-Enjoy). Businesses can use this “Experience” to reward loyal clients, employing it as a symbol of appreciation and prestige.


Image Wine Cellars’ image of chic exclusivity is specially designed to create platinum brand loyalty. This image will be further cultivated through association with memorable and prestigious events and occasions – fostering a perception of an elegant and vibrant connection with people and their experiences. Make no mistake, the world will always adore the romance and elegance of traditional sparkling wines and champagnes.


However, for the first time in centuries wine makers are embracing the power of the fashion industry in their creative process. This elaborate business of moving people through the power of imagery and associations leads to trails of stimulation, fantasy, and titillation as the cork pierces the atmosphere. The by product is an image of luxury in its full capacity to make your celebration etched in stone for years to come. Unique products for your special moments.


- Jim Price 

Owner Image Wine Cellars

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