Sparkling Pear Wine from the 

Champagne Baking Pear



 It is over 35 years since the foundation stone was laid for a return to our regional specialty – the Stuttgart Gaishirtle pear was the first distilled spirit to be produced from a single  variety of fruit in our small distillery. Soon to be a rarity,  attempts were quickly made to grow this old variety  on fruit trees that stay small, as is common practice with dessert fruit today, and thus hold out the promise of an early harvest. Even after 15 years of crops, however, the same quality has never been achieved as with the high-stemmed  mother tree that dominates the landscape.


And this, having been revived by our factory and our customers, is now the real treasure that you will find over an area of more  than 150 sq. km in the meadow orchard paradise of the Albtrauf region – deep-rooted trees over 100 years old with good old  varieties of a smaller size but better quality. We gather and  cultivate these rare original varieties at our factory and, in close  keeping with their traditional use, make the 

very best of them.


Today we find the trees more particularly in a few communities along the Albtrauf, the northwestern border of the Swabian Alb mountain range. This ”top-ranking wine pear“ is first harvested, then washed and sorted by hand according to ripeness. It is then ”left to sweat“which is part of our secret method for allowing the luscious aroma of the pear to develop fully. Sparkling wines made from the Champagne baking pear are easily digestible on account of their ”stomach-friendly“ pH value. 


The Champagne baking pear may well be an old Württemberg variety. It originated from an accidental seedling, as do almost all old fruit species. In Duke Carl Eugen‘s tree nursery, the Champagne baking pear was  propagated in large numbers due to its high importance so that it could be spread throughout the whole state of Württemberg by the patron of  agriculture.

Pear Semi-Dry – 8.0% al. vol.  Pear Dry – 8.5% al. vol.

Pear Brut – 8.5% al. vol. Extra Brut 8.5% al. vol.

Semi-Dry – Stimulating aroma of ripe fruit, pear compote with floral notes, of hay and of green tea. Tastes juicy and sweet with light tannin note and long finale. As an accompaniment to sweetish starters, Asian dishes and ripe soft cheese.  


Dry – Expressive pear in the bouquet with meadow orchard fragrance! The harmonious fruit with light residual sugar gains structure and length through the subtle tannins. On its own as an aperitif, with herb-seasoned starters or poached fish. 


Brut – Finesse and delicate fruit in the bouquet with underlying floral note. Fresh and lively with full-bodied taste. Elegant on the palate with distinct tannin structure. With shellfish, scallops and fresh oysters.


Extra Brut (Selection Bernd Kreis) – Clear and subtle pear aroma with floral accents –  elegant tone and gently tingling with a subtle sparkle. The taste is balanced with exceptional clarity and a high aromatic  intensity. Ideal as an aperitif and an excellent accompaniment to freshwater fish.


Pear Wine

from the 


Baking Pear



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