Folie de Pierre 24K


The Prestige Collection is Chavin’s flagship range.


These iconic brands are produced from the most exceptional terroirs and are encased in luxurious materials with eye-catching tones and colours. Gold, diamanté and glitter strut down the catwalk with this ‘’Bling Bling’’ Collection.


Chavin’s Prestige Collection firmly belongs in the most luxurious and stylish places on the planet. 


The last new release is Folie de Pierre 24K, a premium sparkling wine with 24K gold flakes in exclusive packaging and high-class gold label. This Chardonnay wine offers more than a sensorial experience, but also a unique tasting moment.


Bright yellow color. Persisting and delicate foam. Full flavor, nice fruits and floral notes. Well balance sparkling wine. Infused with 24k edible gold flakes.

Folie de pierre- 11.5% al. vol.



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