G&B Grand Bleu 


Provocative and at the same time elegant. This ambitious project was born in the hearts of its creators. They forged innovation and exclusivity. G&B was created 3 years ago in the cellars of Béziers, with carefully selected Chardonnay. This wine is the result of inspiration by a team of professional winemakers. Every drop is full of love and passion in their work.


Made with 100% Chardonnay grapes with Natural blueberry extract, it's taste is a hint of blueberry on a delicate bed of Chardonnay grapes. With about 12 grams of residual sugar this extra sparkling wine holds it taste of blueberry till the finish. The balance between sweetness and acidity is perfectly balanced, leading to a fruity drink with a pleasant aftertaste. 


This premium class sparkling wine is unique and an excellent alternative to traditional beverages in its category.  G&B Grand Bleu  is more than just wine. This is a completely new concept of exclusivity in the world of premium.


G&B Grand Bleu awakens the senses and creates intimate and unforgettable amazing memories. Mysterious adventure awaits you in every sip. Open, drink and surprise yourself, and fill the wishes of your subconscious desires.  11% alcohol vol.

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