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Inspired by fashion, new trends & a world of changing ideas.


The Trendy Collection is constantly evolving and developing to reflect the incredibly diverse world of wine and different consumer tastes. Whether ephemeral or long-standing, the range is sensorial, colormetric and technological with magnificent blue or pale pink color and intense aromas. 


A few months ago, Domaines Pierre Chavin launched a Premium French Sparkling wine collection with fine bubbles, magnificent blue or pale pink colors, intense aromas and beautiful packaging. 


A Chardonnay based sparkling wine, the Perle duo has been nicely welcomed in trendy cosmopolitan places, lounges, resorts and the wedding industry. The concept has immediately seduced different places around the world.

Premium but not overpriced, delicate with delicious aromas of blueberries, roses petals, and totally outstanding colors, Perle Bleu de Chavin and Rose de Chavin are making a significant difference. Perle is an astonishing mix of tradition and moderness.


This is harvest time for Pearl Chavin. This delicious sparkling wine, Chardonnay-based, has its origins in a local elevation located in the Languedoc in clay and limestone soils which give it great elegance.


Enjoying a Mediterranean mountain climate with relative thermal amplitude between day and night, Pearl Chavin preserves all its flavors optimally.


In winemaking, the grape harvest is done at night, between 2am and 6am, to take advantage of cooler temperatures. Pressing is carried out smoothly and the fermentation in stainless steel at low temperatures. 


Pearl Bleu is created with natural extracts of blueberries that give it an elegant and singular bluish dress. This beautiful aromatic finesse is revealed by fruity notes, aromas of black berries and floral aromas dominated by white flowers. 


Subtle in the mouth, Blue Pearl demonstrated a long aromatic persistence. Perle offers fine and persistent bubbles , a sensual pleasure graceful originality.


Domaines Pierre Chavin is a house of wine producer, present in all of the best French terroirs. The Pierre Chavin house imagines and designs creations destined for the Haute Couture segment, offering elegant answers to the tastes of consumers worldwide. Inspired by the fashion industry, Domaines Pierre Chavin makes unique wines. 


It's wine collections are the fruit of rich experience acquired by the creators of the Chavin house: Fabien Gross. Avant-garde wine designers attentive to the needs of markets, Fabien Gross built the Domaines Pierre Chavin from scratch. A perfect knowledge of the vineyards, the expression of the terroirs and the oenological techniques of France and elsewhere enable these artisans of wine to offer a vast palette of aromas. A fine variety of colors, a great diversity of blends, hues and textures.  11% alcohol vol.

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